Fixed Steel Tips Darts

Steel Tips Darts Picture

The most common traditional type of steel tips darts come as fixed tip darts. They are attached securely with immovable points. There are some tips that can be replaced on the other hand the fixed tips can only be replaceable with specialized tools.

Steel tip darts have either fixed or moveable points.  The most common type of steel tip dart is the fixed point.  The reasoning behind a moveable point dart is it allows for fewer bounce outs when you hit the wires on the board.

Fixed tip darts are the most common, traditional type of steel tips dart. They are named for their securely attached, immovable points. While some tips have replaceable tips, fixed tips are only replaceable with specialized tools.

Choosing Your Favorite Steel Tip Dart

Chinatungsten dart makers have many types of darts to choose from, in different price ranges. Remember the type of dart board you usually throw on when investing a set of darts. New boards work well with fixed tip darts, but moveable tips usually give the best results on older boards.

Ultimately, personal preference plays a big part in choosing the best type of darts for you. Experimenting with some different styles will help you figure out which dart works best for you.