Movable Steel Tips Darts

Steel Tips Darts Picture

Today, several companies offer movable steel tips darts. They generally hold many types of darts for you to choose from, of course, in different price ranges. Just note that the steel tip darts, particularly those with moveable points, usually give best results on the traditional boards.

The biggest advantage of a moveable tip dart is its ability to reduce bounce-outs by up to 80%. After a moveable tip dart is thrown, it hits a dart board wire, and the barrel of the dart slides forward, pushing the point of the dart into the board. This way, the dart securely penetrates the board instead of bouncing off and falling to the floor. Due to the technology and the ability to replace the tips, moveable tip darts can cost a bit more than other darts.

So, instead of bouncing off and falling to the floor, the movable steel tips darts will securely penetrate the board.