Steel Tips Darts Material

Steel Tips Darts Picture

Dart is a great game but like any other sport you need the right equipment. A good set ofsteel tips darts can help you improve your game and add to your enjoyment. Before buying any steel tip darts it's good to know what to look for.

Steel tip darts are used to play with bristle or sisal dartboards. Darts are made of brass, nickel silver or tungsten. Brass is the softest and lightest metal so brass steel tip darts need to be bigger and bulkier to achieve the desired weight and due to their softness are more prone to wear. Brass steel tip darts are usually the least expensive.

Nickel Silver is a little heavier than brass darts but is still considered a fairly light material. One advantage of nickel silver darts is that they will stay looking nice longer as they will not tarnish as easily as some other darts, but the nickel silver darts is still bulky.

Tungsten is the hardest and heaviest metal so darts can be smaller and slimmer than brass darts of the same weight allowing for tighter groupings. Tungsten steel tips darts are also much more durable so grooves and knurling are not as quickly worn down. Tungsten is a dense material and most of the time nickel is added to avoid the dart breaking easily. The more tungsten that is added, the more the density will increase in the barrel of the dart. This allows you to have a heavier weight with a smaller barrel. Tungsten is the material that most serious professional darters will choose and the most common dart weight is 18 grams.